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As many as 50% of people make resolutions, but 80% of new year’s resolutions fail in the first month of the year. To set myself up to be part of the 20% that succeed in my #2021 goals, I went looking for ways to create behavior change for myself! I found the Fogg Behavior Model from the Stanford Behavior Design Lab and I wanted to share the model in hopes of arming you with 3 elements to improve your chances of reaching your #2021 goals.

So what are the 3 elements?

VScode CSS files with Lint Errors Due to SCSS code

Have your PostCSS linted correctly in a .CSS file

TLDR: To have your css files that have PostCSS code linted correctly, inside of your settings.json file, paste the code below anywhere in the settings.json file.

Zoom airplay next to iPad wallpaper

If you are trying to share your iPad on zoom and the Airplay option is not showing up, you have to go (log in to your account and stay on the personal settings section).

Rounded clock on a table with hour hand at 6 and minute hand at 10.

Today I watched the full 2 hour tutorial on building a portfolio website from scratch and deploying it using aws s3 buckets by Dennis Ivy, hosted on the Traversy Media YouTube page. I’m very impressed that content this good is free to watch. He went over css grid, css flexbox, css variables, positioning and so many other foundational ways of placing content on a static website. What I enjoyed most was that he took those concepts and showed its usage in implementation through this tutorial. …

Eggs with faces of different emotions drawn on them, sitting in a transparent holder.

Excitement, anxiety, and fear!

On the second day out of my well paying marketing job (I made ~60k annually as a Junior analyst which is above NYC’s general median salary of 57k) the 3 emotions really sunk in. I had a decent runway of 10 months saved up having worked 2 years after graduating and being smart with my spending decisions.

However, the feeling of tapping into runway money to join a bootcamp always feels dangerous, especially since I had recently downloaded the mint app to track my overall finances and now would have no income coming in and rent…

Photo by Mimi Thian on Unsplash

Monday through Friday. 9 am to 7 pm. 35k a year. A 35k salary! You can’t get a masters degree with that and you can’t get a significant increase in salary without a better degree. I felt this 3 months into working my first full-time position at a startup. I started to panic. How long would I have to struggle before finding a balance of good pay along with good working hours?

Udacity provided an alternative. It was not a silver bullet to get me a better salary and a new job immediately, but their nano degree offered a certification…

Ife Lawal

Marketer, developer, and professional figuring things out

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